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Anna Remus
EDMT 380-001
Fall 2004

project 1


topic hotlist

Harriet Powers

History of Quilt Making
Meanings of Harriet Powers' Quilts

Harriet Powers information about the life of Harriet Powers and information about her quilts. information about Harriet’s life, how her quilts became known, and where they are at today. contains biographical information and the history of her quilts. contains information about the history of Harriet Powers quilts.

History of Quilt Making information about the history of several women and their quilts. Contains the history of quilts Contains a brief history on quilt making The history of quilt making the history of quilt making dating back to the first quilt, its uses and advancements made in the creativity in designing and making the quilts.

Meanings of Harriet Powers' Quilts gives a description of some of the squares on the quilt. describes the meaning of each square of the quilt. tells ways in which a quilt can have meaning.


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