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Anna Remus
EDMT 380-001
Fall 2004

project 1


Title: Harriet Powers and her Famous Quilts

Description/Summary: The lesson plans about Harriet Powers, a famous quilt maker, and the type of quilts she made are taught in several areas across the curriculum including social studies and art.  These particular lesson plans are used by the social studies teacher in studying about the history of Harriet Powers.  A topic hotlist is used for a student research project.  A software program called Inspiration is also used for a student assignment. This will require students to organize important events into a timeline.

Learner Analysis:  This unit on Harriet Powers is being used with a group of 18 fourth grade students from a medium sized suburban school.  It would be a good unit to use with fifth graders as well.

Alignment Table:

Model Academic Standards

Social Studies Standards      

B.8.1 Interpret the past using a variety of sources, such as biographies, diaries, journals, artifacts, eyewitness interviews, and other primary source materials, and evaluate the credibility of sources used

The students will write a research paper that includes a list of references and appropriate citations throughout.

The students will examine a quilt made by Harriet Powers to identify the story she is telling.

Classroom practice in looking at different artifacts to identify their purpose and what they mean.  Research paper which will require students to look at artifacts, biographies, and appropriate websites provided in a topic hotlist.

B.4.2 Use a timeline to select, organize, and sequence information describing eras in history

The students will recognize important events in Harriet Powers’ life.

Using the Inspiration software, the students will create a timeline to organize the important events in Harriet Powers’ life.


Classroom practice in looking at different timelines and learning how to read them. Timeline created using the Inspiration software and a unit test containing a section on reading timelines.
Information and
Technology Literacy

A.4.3 use a computer and productivity software to organize and create information.

-produce a document using a word processing program

-edit a word processed document using a spell checker

The students will write a research paper that is to be turned in in the form of a word processed document.

The students will demonstrate their ability to use features of a word processing program such as the spell checker.

Classroom practice in using a word processing program and some of its features.

Classroom practice in keyboarding.

Research paper

B.8.5 record and organize information

-record sources of information in a standardized bibliographic format

The students will organize their sources used for their research paper into a bibliography to be included at the end of their paper. Classroom practice in organizing sources and creating a bibliography in the correct format. Bibliography at the end of the research paper.

Activity Sequence Summary:

Day X
1. A class discussion about Harriet Powers.
2. Students are given a worksheet to recored dates and events that took place in Harriet Powers' life.
3. Students are introduced to the Inspiration software and given an assignmnet of creating a timline of events in Harriet Powers' life.

Day X
1. Students are introduced to the topic hotlist.
2. The research project is assigned which will be written in cooperation with the English teacher. The paper will be word processed and 7-8 pages long. It will include background information about Harriet Powers, the history of quilt making, what Harriet Powers' quilts mean, and any other information the students find relevant to the topic of Harriet Powers. At the end the paper students must also include a bibliography. Correct researching methods will be discussed such as note taking, citing sources and outlining the paper.


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