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Anna Remus
EDMT 380-001
Fall 2004

project 1

General Information
Instructional Design and Pedagogical Soundness
Considerations Specific to General Applications Software


After learning about Harriet Powers and her quilt making, students will be using Inspiration to create a timeline of events in Harriet Powers' life. Click here to see a copy of the student assignment.

General Information
Title: Inspiration
Publisher: Inspiration Software, Inc
Cost: $69.00

Hardware Requirements:
  • Windows 95 or higher: - 20 MB hard disk space,minimum 4 MB of RAM
  • Macintosh Plus or higher: - 30 MB hard disk space, minimum 2 MB of RAM

Content Area: can be used in any content area including language arts, science, social studies and math
Intended Audience: This software can be used by teachers, students (elementary on up), and parents
Software Category: General application
Summary: Inspiration is a tool for students to help aid in their comprehension and writing in all areas across the curriculum. Inspiration can be used for things such as: brainstorming, webbing, concept mapping and planning. Students can create graphic organizers, webs and outlines to help in organizing information during the writing process. Inspiration also offers over 1,300 colorful symbols, including both photographs and animated symbols.

Instructional Design and Pedagogical Soundness

Content: This software does not contain any writing. Students are to fill out the boxes and diagrams with information pertinent to their assignment using Inspiration. It contains a wide variety of graphics to choose from.
Appropriateness: This software is an appropriate tool to use because it can be linked to all content areas and can aid in the writing process and critical thinking of students.
Purpose of graphics: The graphics are used to illustrate and convey meaning in the diagrams or maps created.
Instructional Objectives: Students will create concept maps, diagrams and webs using the Inspiration software.
Prerequisite Skills of both Teachers and Students: keyboarding, use of a mouse to click, drag, and resize objects

Considerations Specific to General Applications Software
picture of Inspiration screen
Content Areas that might use this software: Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math
Ease-of-Use: This software is very easy to use. It draws the boxes and arrows for you when mapping things out. Also, if you want to move the boxes, the arrows automatically move with it.
Direction Clarity: The program is very self explanatory. There were no directions provided.
Manual Dexterity required: This software would be difficult for people with vision problems to use. This program may require you to draw fine lines. The shapes and buttons in the toolbox are small, and the boxes to type the text in are also small.

Accuracy and Timeliness of the Content: N/A, no content
Racial/Gender Stereotypes: There does not appear to be any racial or gender stereotypes in this software. There are symbols of both genders and of different races as well.
Bias: This software doesn’t appear to be bias. It show flags from other countries, black and white people, handicapped signs, etc.

Installation Directions: easy to follow, step-by-step precise instructions
Teacher Guide: This is a valuable resource which provides ideas, simple instructions to follow, sample projects, and ways to use Inspiration for students and teachers.
Value: This software is a valuable tool for both teachers and students because it can help in the writing process, with organizing ideas, and creating different projects and assignments. Students will also find this software fun to use for projects and assignments.
Built in Electronic Help within the Application: The help section provides an index to search for a specific help topic and a contents page which have several topic areas to choose from. There is also a link to get help on the web and in an online community.
Provisions for Special Populations: Studens can work with a partner while using Inspiration. They can create charts or webs with less details than other students.


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